Entre Nous concept

Immerse yourself in a unique experience in the heart of Geneva, in the dynamic Plainpalais district, where you'll find "Entre Nous", the city's best and most coveted karaoke bar since 2015. From forests of music to carefully arranged instruments and a carefully selected vinyl collection, every element of Entre Nous reflects a love of music, entertainment and festivity.

"Entre Nous" is the ideal place to have fun with friends, for corporate parties, end-of-year parties, after-work events, team-building, EDVJ/EDVG, birthdays and much more.

The karaoke bar features two rooms with completely different atmospheres. You'll take turns singing, oscillating between casual and festive, and immersing yourself in an intimate nightclub atmosphere, with the lights dancing in harmony with the rhythms of the music, creating a captivating backdrop for every moment spent here.

the Lounge